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Friday, 03 December 2021

        COOL KENYA does CUSTOMIZED fabrication and maintenance of refrigerated cabinets & containers of commercial vehicles .

         Automotive Refrigerators are designed to maintain a programmable temperature inside of between -20°C and 10°C; the or any desired temperature .

       This works on the principle of the cooling cycle, that is, of the transfer of heat through a fluid (refrigerant) which absorbs heat in the evaporator and gives up heat to the condenser, all of which takes place in a hermetically closed circuit. The fluid is driven by an electrically activated compressor.

     The wide range of operating temperatures makes these refrigerators suitable for a large number of applications: if set at temperatures greater than 0°C, they can be employed for the storage and transport of foods, drinks and other goods that need to be kept continuously at these temperatures; if set at lower temperatures, they are recommended for the storage and transport of frozen and deep-frozen foods.

       Automotive refrigerators consist of a supporting structure made of zincked steel coated with an elegant covering shell of therm-o-formed ABS plastic: this material gives these refrigerators are light and easy to access the internal parts for maintenance and offer a high degree of resistance to atmospheric elements including U.V. rays.

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