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Thursday, 04 June 2020


Air Conditioning Grills

 This is just a select few of our common types of grilles we can offer you, if however what you are after is not here in this small catalogue we are only too happy to direct you to either one of our manufacturer’s websites, or alternatively we can show you a brochure on site of your different options available

Should you require something different why not CONTACT US for more information

One slot Two slot Three slot

  These linear grills are usually installed in ceilings and are made special, with any width or length that is required.

Linear Bar Grill Linear Bar Grill Hinged with Filter

These linear bar grills can be installed in walls or ceilings and are also made special, with any length or width required

 Four Way Bevelled grill  Multi Directional Outlet  Round Diffuser

 Double Deflection grill

The above grills are common Domestic/Commercial use outlets for air conditioners and come in different standard sizes. 

 Circular Diffuser  Jet Diffuser  Lay in Diffuser

The above grills are common Commercial use outlets for air conditioners and come in different standard sizes

 Weather Louvre and or door grills

  Dump diffuser (great for high ceilings)

 Thermofuser for commercial use only, automatically open and close based on room temperature 

 Return Air grills come in many sizes and are for filtration of air prior to indoor units usually

A diffuser is the mechanical device that is designed to control the characteristics of a fluid at the entrance to a thermodynamic open system. Diffusers are used to slow the fluid's velocity and to enhance its mixing into the surrounding fluid. In contrast, a nozzle is often intended to increase the discharge velocity and to direct the flow in one particular direction.

Frictional effects may sometimes be important, but usually they are neglected. However, the external work transfer is always assumed to be zero. It is also assumed that changes in thermal energy are significantly greater than changes in potential energy and therefore the latter can usually be neglected for the purpose of analysis.

A round diffuser in an HVAC system

Diffusers are very common in heating ventilating and air-conditioning HVAC systems,  and serve several purposes inclusive:

  • To deliver both conditioning and ventilating air.
  • Evenly distribute the flow of air, in the desired directions.
  • To enhance mixing of room air into the primary air being discharged.
  • To create low-velocity air movement in the occupied portion of room.
  • Accomplish the above while producing the minimum amount of NOISE.



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