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Saturday, 02 December 2023

Centrifugal fans (Radial fans)

centrifugal fan          

In a centrifugal fan the air flows is in a radial direction relative to the shaft. Centrifugal fans can be classified by their wheel like:

  • F-wheel - Curved forward blades. High efficiency, small dimensions, changing in pressure have little influence on pressure head.
  • B-wheel - Curved backward blades. High efficiency, low energy consumption, changing in pressure have little influence on air volume. Low noise emission, stable in parallel running.
  • P-wheel - Straight backward blades. High efficiency, self cleaning, changing in pressure have little influence on air volume
  • T-wheel - Straight radial blades. Self cleaning. Suitable for material transport

Types of blades used in centrifugal fans are

  • Straight steel plate paddle wheel
  • Forward multi-vane multi-blade
  • Backward turbo-vane

The different blades can be characterized as shown in the capacity diagram below:

centrifugal fan.centrifugal fan

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